Intelligent rich-media content distribution by Act 85.
Hyperion Delta is not currently accpeting new clients. Thank you for your interest.

Please Note: This website is information only; no content is accessible via this website. If you are attempting to locate content which was shared with you, please see below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access content provided by Hyperion Delta?

Most Hyperion Delta content is strategically managed by our clients, and is not accessible directly from Hyperion Delta. However, certain collections are accessible via the Hyperion Delta Hangar using the content's Dirigible Locator ID. Refer to your invitation documents for more information.

What is a Dirigible Locator ID and/or a Dirigible Access ID?

All Hyperion Delta content is contained in "data dirigibles," which provide the root filesystem construct for data storage and acquisition. Dirigible Locator IDs assist the Hyperion Delta service in locating specific content, and Dirigible Access IDs are cryptographic codes that allow content-owners to manage their stored data.

I lost or never received my Dirigible Locator ID. Can I lookup the content by name?

No. To both ensure the privacy of our client's content, and as part of the technical construction of Hyperion Delta, a Dirigible Locator ID is required to access content. Please contact the content-owner for assistance.

I am having trouble accessing content shared with me by a content-owner. Whom do I contact for support?

Please contact the content-owner with any questions or concerns. Hyperion Delta is only able to provide support to our existing content-owners.

I have a concern about the legality of certain content stored by Hyperion Delta. What should I do?

Content-owners are wholly responsible for the content of their data dirigibles, and as such in the interest of efficiency every attempt should be made to work with content-owners directly. Alternatively, or in situations where Hyperion Delta is the content owner, you may contact our parent company's legal department at

I am interested in purchasing Hyperion Delta services. How do I learn more?

Contact Act 85's sales team at

What is the relationship between GRL FileWorks and Hyperion Delta?

As part of the transition from GRL Technology Products and Services to Act 85, the GRL FileWorks brand will be dissolved. Act 85 will continue to operate it's content distribution services under the Hyperion Delta brand.